The Best Sunscreens of 2022
Over winter? Picturing that day where it’s BBQ for breakfast before hitting the beach? Us too! In fact we are writing this while it is pelting out with rain outside. Bring on Summer! Buttttt- one thing we need to watch out for is our ruthless Kiwi sun.

Below are our top picks for Sunscreens for Summer 2022 to keep you and your family's skin safe and protected.

Covering up with sunscreen will help protect you from the harsh UVA and UVB rays from the sun. These contribute to skin damage leading to things like wrinkles, redness and sunburn which can cause or contribute to melanomas and skin cancer.

To help guide you on what might work best, our experts at Matakana Pharmacy have listed off our favourite sunscreens for every skin type and age.


Our top all round pick
As their motto goes - It’s Invisible and Invincible. It is true - it is actually invisible. We all know how many sunscreens are “Invisible” but then you get that white sheen in your summer selfies that hides that tan - we can’t have that! It’s non-greasy, contains no water, parabens, preservatives or fragrances and dries in just 2 minutes! Used and trusted by Surfing New Zealand, The SKINNIES CONQUER SPF50+, certified reef safe and Skinnie’s bestseller will provide you with that broad spectrum cover you need. Perfect for the outdoorsman and surfer with 4 hours water resistance.

Consumer NZ tested it’s baby brother, the SKINNIES SUNGEL SPF 30SPF, and confirmed it met it’s Broad Spectrum SPF claim. It was proven to provide high SPF protection and confirmed it was cruelty free - not tested on animals. You can read all about their results here.

Remember SKINNIES is a super concentrated sunscreen. A little goes a long way! Use a pea size blob to cover the average area of 1 face.

Cetaphil Sun Kids Liposomal Lotion SPF50+

Our favourite for kids
This new and improved formula provides very high UV protection. Super delicate to help keep children’s skin extra looked after. 4 hours water resistant for those beach days, non-greasy and hypo-allergenic. This sunscreen boasts liposomal delivery to help condition and soften the skin whilst keeping it protected from the Sun’s nasty UV rays. Contains restoring Vitamin B5 and soothing Vitamin E it protects from the burn and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Check it out here.

Earth's Kitchen

Our top pick for natural sunscreen
The world’s first BioGro’s NATRUE certified natural sunscreen SPF50+. New Zealand made, this amazing sunscreen walks the walk and talks the talk. Smells amazing. Feels amazing. No nasties including parabens, SLS, fragrances, petrochemicals, titanium dioxide and more made from certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients. With 2 hours water resistance, and reef friendly to boot this sunscreen is a must try this summer. The sensitive skin variant, THE MORINGA & HARAEKE SPF 50+ is extra gentle for our kids (0-3yrs) but can still be used by adults, especially those with sensitive skin. For those tough skinned, no sensitive skin conditions (stop showing off will you!) try the KAWAKAWA & TAMANU SPF50+.

Eau Thermale AVENE face & Body lotion SPF50+

Our top pick for lightest feeling sunscreen
Passing Consumer NZ 2022 testing with flying colours (read about it here). A top selling sunscreen in France where it’s made, this lotion leaves no white streaks whilst still providing broad SPF50+ protection. Water resistant, silicone free and handbag sized this is the perfect face sunscreen this summer. Check it out here.

La Roche Posay Anthelios Sunscreen Range

Our favourite for sensitive skin
Looking for skin care for sensitive skin that also functions as a sunscreen? Well look no further. Designed to offer broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection from the sun this parabens and fragrant free range is fantastic. Even the most sensitive skin types can try this range safely. Friendly for all skin tones they have both tinted and no white case options. But if we were to pick our absolute favourite in the whole range, it would definitely be the ANTHELOIS INVISIBLE FLUID FACIAL SUNSCREEN SPF50+. Great for normal-combinating and sensitive skin types, this amazing sunscreen sits well under foundation with being too matte or radiant. It has an invisible finish that suits all skin tones!
SPF is only one part of sun protection! Always seek shade, and wear sunnies, a hat and protective clothing. Use sufficient sunscreen for all unprotected areas and reapply sunscreen as directed. Frequent re-application or use in accordance with directions is required for effective sun protection. Always read the label. Prolonged high-risk sun exposure should be avoided.
Now thats it! You got you sunscreen, togs wakeboard and sunnies all packed? Bring on summer. And for those of you that have the gear but not the destinations here is the Urban List’s “Auckland’s Best Beaches To Explore in 2022”.

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