Metagenics supplements cases along with some examples of the supplement size and greenery

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Good From Start to Finish

Matakana Pharmacy

Matakana Pharmacy, founded in 2006, started as a humble village pharmacy servicing the picturesque Matakana region. Over the years we built a stellar reputation as being New Zealand's top boutique pharmacy. Our offerings were carefully curated to showcase New Zealand made ranges in health and beauty, importing exclusive overseas ranges to offer Kiwis some of the best from international markets as well as becoming suppliers of premium ranges never before seen in Pharmacy

Who are we?

At Matakana Pharmacy we are super passionate about health. We really are. Over the years we noticed this trend of dissatisfied health seekers. People who have had no improvement in their various quests for health. No relief. Misdiagnosed. Fixed one health problem only to lead to a new problem. Tired, sad, lack of sleep, fatigued, gut issues, allergies and the list goes on. Unfortunately, as we progress and evolve together so do our health needs. More is demanded of us now compared to before. We need better focus, more energy, quality rest and to tackle the conditions of the modern age. We didn’t need a 2-year Pandemic to teach us this but boy it put the importance of health into perspective. So, we decided to really pay attention to what we stock and what we recommend. What’s the best absorbed? What’s been trialed and tested? What offers the optimal dosage? Which brands are sustainable? We make sure we only encourage patients to trial what we see as most relevant to their health journey. We only try to stock a hand-picked range of products that have shown benefits to those that use them, and we always encourage feedback (good and bad) so we know how to continue to curate that list.

We focus on premium brands, New Zealand made products, boutique offerings with a laser focus on stronger practitioner supplement brands such as Metagenics, Thorne, Pure Encapsulations, Cellcore Biosciences and much more. We try to do our best to make reaching a healthy you as accessible as possible. Free consultations, access to expert advice from a team of both Pharmacists and Specialist Naturopaths and Diagnostic Functional testing is just the beginning.

We have an integrative, dedicated team and those that visit us in store know where our passions lie. Our challenge now is to figure out a way to extend this service to all those that need it, whether they can visit in person or through our online store. We are constantly trying to grow and refine this boutique experience online. We hope you’ll stick around; we have some exciting things in mind.


Matakana Pharmacy Team