Navigating Natural Pain Relief: Best Turmeric Supplements of 2023
Nature’s Golden Reliever and the Top Products for Pain Management Support
Embark on a journey of natural pain relief with turmeric, nature's golden healer. Known for its vibrant hue and delightful flavour, turmeric has been a cornerstone in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Today, it’s gaining recognition in the realm of dietary supplements, thanks to its potent active ingredient, curcumin. This polyphenol is widely celebrated for its impressive anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it a prime candidate for natural pain management. In this guide, we navigate through the myriad of options and present the best turmeric supplements of 2023 for your health and wellness journey.

If you’re interested in exploring turmeric supplements, there are many on the market to choose from, making the decision potentially a difficult one. Below we will outline the top three options our team of experts recommend as the top turmeric supplements of 2023.

While on the topic of managing pain and inflammation we will also discuss the top three products that may assist in staying on top of pain and inflammation.

The official Curcumin of the UFC, Thorne’s Curcumin Phytosome is the most researched form of medical turmeric on the market. This helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response in the joints, muscles, GI tract, liver, brain, and nerves. Thorne uses a form of curcumin extract known as Meriva which shows 29-times greater absorption than normal curcumin. Comes in two bottles sizes, 60 capsules & 120 capsules..
Metagenics designed their form of Curcumin known as Rhuleave-K™ to provide rapid relief using SPEEDTECH™ technology that allows for quick delivery, release and absorption. Inflagesic is also formulated with Boswelia (another anti-inflammatory herb) to provide rapid relief from pain or discomfort.
Metagenics created the Inflavonoid range to help manage both acute and chronic discomfort. The Intensive Careis designed to provide relief of mild joint pain and inflammation. This product is best used when the pain is acute or the injury/trauma is fresh. The ingredients include a form of curcumin known as BCM-95 which is designed to be highly absorbed. Inflavonoid Intensive Care is formulated with Quercetin, Ginger, White Willow and Boswelia to work synergistically provide temporary relief. Once the pain has started to move to a chronic stage and is a bit more manageable, Metagenics recommends switching to theInflavonoid Sustained Care to support management of the pain ongoing. This adds on Devils Claw, an anti-inflammatory herb to help keep the symptoms under management.
Time for the big guns. If the Inflagesic or the Intensive Care range did not help with the pain and discomfort we recommend using SPM Active to help with the unresolved inflammation. SPM uses specialised pro-resolving mediators to target the treatment resistant inflammation. While this product does not contain curcumin it works fantastic in conjunction and we decided to include it as it is part of our pain management protocol here at Matakana Pharmacy. See diagram at the end of the blog to explore our protocol.
Curcumin is often used for neuromuscular pain. When combined withPainX  it provides support for neuromuscular pain, such as shoulder and back pain, head and neck pain, sciatic pain, and fibromyalgia pain.PainX helps reduce and relieve nerve pain and persistent muscular pain, cramps, and spasm. It uses Magnesium and PEA to perform this.
When it comes to complex pain or neuralgic pain, we recommend using Bio AbsorbPEA Advanced. This uses PEA, Saffron, and Vitamin B1 to support relief of mild nerve pain, neuralgia, and compression neuropathy.

Metagenics is a Practitioner-Only Product that must be prescribed by one of our qualified Natural Health Practitioners or Pharmacists. To be eligible to purchase this product you must complete a Consultation Form first. Consult can be conducted online or instore. There is no additional charges for the consultation. If you are not eligible or do not qualify for this product a member of our team will be in touch with alternative options and reasoning behind this. Please leave us a note to let us know if you have been prescribed this product before by a Metagenics Practitioner.

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