YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WINTER ESSENTIALS 2023: Staple Items for Your Home This Winter
Suddenly, spending another chilly night curled up on your couch doesn't seem like the worst idea. As the colder season of 2023 is upon us, our team has pulled together the must-have winter essentials for your home. Whether you are counting down the weeks to your Fiji getaway or reminiscing about the warm beach days of summer, we have your winter 2023 needs covered. Here is our definitive guide to the top six winter essentials you should have in your home this year.

“For the brave souls venturing out into the chill, a snug puffer jacket makes those morning walks much more bearable”

WARDROBE & COUCH: Snug Winter Essentials 2023

To begin, you're going to want to layer up with all your favorite blankets and extra plush sweaters, a key part of our winter essentials 2023 list. For the brave souls venturing out into the chill, a snug puffer jacket makes those morning walks much more bearable.

Huffer Puffer
Head over to and pick up some warm and stylish winter essentials for 2023 at a bargain with their 2 for NZD99 Hoods & Crews offer!
Nike Sportswear – Faux Fur Blanket, a must-have for Winter 2023
Our absolute favorite find this winter is this cozy Nike Faux Fur Blanket. Perfect with a good book and a fireplace. It’s weighted so you feel like this blanket is hugging you right back. And its Nike! That means you are exercising whilst snuggling up on the couch. Definitely a statement piece. Just do it, you can purchase it here
MEDICINE CUPBOARD: Health-Boosting Winter Essentials 2023
We often get asked about the best ways to ward off winter bugs. How can we prepare our bodies to best combat those winter nasties? The answer is simple: Support your immune system! We've put together our top immunity boosters that are absolutely essential for winter 2023.

The Care Co Vitamin C Combo
The Care Co is a revolutionary immune support. Its formula combines four of the most potent immune supporting vitamins out there. Vitamin C, Quercetin, Vitamin D3 and Zinc. The provide a comprehensive immunity support to the body and come in an easy to take chewable tablet. You can purchase them here.
Metagenics Andro NK
What happens if that bug comes home from childcare with the little ones and catches you off guard? Our recommendation is to continue with some immune support but step it up to something much stronger that will help manage symptoms as well. Don’t forget that cold and flu tablets are still one of the best ways to help combat those symptoms
(Such as fever and sore throat) so it’s not as miserable while you get better!

The formula used by Metagenics ANDRO NK has been shown to reduce the severity of infection and provide symptom relief including fever, sore throat and phlegm. Being a practitioner product, an online or in store consult is necessary so our experts can determine whether this is safe for you or not. Check it out here.
GADGETS & TECH:  Winter Essentials 2023
Medisana Foot Warmer
With technology all around us there are some smart ways to help keep your wee hands and feet warm this winter.

I bought my mum one of these last winter and she absolutely loves it! She suffers from subpar circulation in the feet, and this was a game changer. With 3 heat intensity settings keep your feet warm all winter while you are relaxing at home. The heat also improves circulation which comes with its own benefits! Check it out at Farmers here.

Dyson Pure: Hot & Cool.

Heaters are so necessary but also usually ruins the aesthetic of your living room. Looking for practical and stylish? Our favorite is the Dyson Hot & Cool. Can be used all year round due to its dual functionality, looks great in any space and is currently on special at Dyson New Zealand. Check it out here.
PANTRY: Winter Essentials 2023
Load up your pantry this winter with all the essentials. This means honey for all those sore throats, and plenty of tea and coffee to keep you warm and cozy all winter long. 

With so many options on the market it’s hard to pick a favorite especially with so many flavors of Tea and Honey but when it comes to coffee, we have a clear favorite!

With so many great options on the market it’s hard to pick just one roaster or coffee brand as a favorite. Over the years we have tried them all, but being health professionals, coffee is such an integral part of your day that you quickly get accustomed to all the options out there. 

I personally prefer coffee black (long and short) and over the years I keep navigating back to Allpress. Their dark and espresso blends are amazing, full of flavor and body. 

Couple them with a  Delonghi La Specialist Maestro and you are in heaven! Pick up a bag of Allpress Beans or Powder at your local coffee shop or online at Allpress.
BEDROOM:  Winter Essentials 2023
Obviously keeping warm means lots of blankets in the bedroom and for those that need absolute warmth, electric blanket options are all over the show. Unpopular opinion – I personally hate electric blankets. 

I have seen them cause skin issues, back problems and in severe cases dangerous environments when they get too old or wires start to fray. 

I also like dual climate personally, where my body is warm but maybe my feet or hands are poking out for some cool. I know, I know – that’s why I said unpopular. So, my go to when I need a little warmth during sleep is either a hot water bottle or a wheat bag.

Camden & Co Wheat Bags
Sale Off
CAMDEN CO. Wheat Bag - Forest Velvet
Looking for a stylish wheat bag? Look no further than New Zealand’s own Camden & Co Range. Comes in multiple styles and finishes – the options are endless! Check out the range
Fashy Hot Water Bottles – Made In Germany
You know what we can't stop raving about for winter? Those incredible Fashy hot water bottles straight out of Germany. Ever since they started in 1948, Fashy has been upping their game, improving their tech and design. 

These babies are tough as nails and built to last, plus they don't have that rubbery smell or even any rubber at all! And the best part? A nice, big opening for easy and safe filling. You've got to check them out!

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