Thorne Supplements: Your Path to Wellness at Matakana Pharmacy

Welcome to Thorne Supplements at Matakana Pharmacy – New Zealand’s home to Thorne Premium Supplements.

Identified by  Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies of 2023, Thorne Supplements is a premium range of practitioner supplements that believe in personalised, scientific wellness to help support a healthy life span to create happier and healthier lives. Thorne offers a deep portfolio of personalized offerings using premium ingredients of the best quality to redefine what it means to live healthier for longer. Thorne is your one stop fully integrated approach to health and the official supplement sponsor to the UFC.
Explore our top 5 picks from the Thorne range below
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THORNE Berberine 1000mg 60caps

Number 1 Berberinesupplement in New Zealand – this supplement provides a superior dose of 1000mgto help provide nutritional support for maintaining healthy cholesterol andblood sugar levels, promoting healthy gut flora and supporting healthymetabolism.

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Potent antioxidant grape seed with optimized absorption to help deal with oxidative stress damage and promote cellular health and longevity.

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This supplement is a key cofactor in crucial enzyme reactions in the body that play an important role in how the liver detoxifies the body of environmental toxins, certain drugs and how we maintain healthy hormone levels. Used in helping manage sulfite sensitivity.

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THORNE NiaCel 400 60caps
NiaCel 400 helps keep you feeling younger by supporting cellular energy production, athletic performance, and lean body composition. A must have for every athlete and active lifestyle.

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Support your goals for hormonal balance and family planning. A unique Inositol supplement providing the superior 40:1 inositol blend of Myo-Inositol to D-Chiro Inositol to help support PCOS management and reproductive function.

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Evidence-Based and Effective
How We Know Thorne Supplements Work
At Matakana Pharmacy, we stock products that we believe in. Thorne Supplements’ rigorous clinical trials programme is a primary reason we trust and recommend their products. Extensive clinical research and medical literature substantiate the presence and efficacy of each ingredient in every Thorne formula.
Worldwide Research Partnerships
Thorne Supplements engages in more than 40 clinical trials around the globe. Their collaborations with independent researchers confirm the efficacy and safety of their products—a commitment to excellence that we at Matakana Pharmacy are proud to bring to New Zealand.
Thoroughly Tested for New Zealand’s Health Needs
We are committed to ensuring that our community has access to supplements that are not only effective but also safe and reliable. Thorne Supplements are rigorously tested in clinical trials across the world, affirming their suitability for our customers here in New Zealand.
Personalised Offerings for Every Stage of Life
As the trusted supplier of Thorne Supplements in New Zealand, Matakana Pharmacy is here for you at every age and life stage. We are redefining the limits on self care and we have chosen Thorne Supplements as a keypartner in this mission.
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