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Collagen Plus Passion Berry 495g

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Passion-berry flavoured collagen with nicotinamide riboside (NR)

• A fully comprehensive “skin-care-from-within” product

• Built to nourish and protect skin, hair and nails

• Collagen peptides with polyphenols, ceramides, betaine and NR

• Features a dream team of skin-health

ingredients, combining the well-known

benefits of collagen and nicotinamide

riboside (NR) with a supporting cast of

plant extracts that have been clinically

studied to support beauty from within.

• Grass-fed, hormone-free bovine collagen

from PeptPure® BioActive Collagen

Peptides (13g) provides connective tissue

support for skin, hair and nails.

• The unique extraction technique eliminates

the use of harsh chemicals commonly used

in other mainstream collagen products. With

low-molecular weight, hydrolysed type I and

III collagen for premium absorption.

• HydroPeach™ derived from Japanese

peaches, supplies plant-based ceramides

(20mg) that provide a natural barrier to

support the skin hydration. Clinical studies

have shown HydroPeach™ to increase the

skin’s natural production of ceramides.

• MitoHeal® patented polyphenols from red

and black currants (500mg) are included to

support skin condition.The blend has been

clinically studied for it’s ability to reduce

visible signs of skin ageing.

• A direct precursor to NAD+, NR stimulates

NAD+ production, which promotes various

aspects of healthy ageing, mitochondrial

metabolism and cellular protection and


• To optimise NR benefits, betaine

(trimethylglycine) is added to support

healthy methylation, regeneration and

repair at the cellular level.

Suggested use: Mix 1 scoop (16.5g) with at

least 240ml of water or beverage of choice



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Collagen Plus Passion Berry 495g

Collagen Plus Passion Berry 495g