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Osmo Patches


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The OSMO Patch has been developed and patented by MediWise Pty Ltd as a natural and drug free approach to relieving the swelling, inflammation and pain associated with many common soft tissue joint injuries.

The OSMO Patch, in combination with adequate rest to the injured area, is designed to promote the removal of excess fluid from oedematous tissue and joints, hence reducing inflammation, swelling, pressure and the associated pain.

For a better understanding of exactly how the OSMO Patch works please watch the following video at

The OSMO Patch is also suitable for individuals currently taking blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medications, as it does not work by releasing any active ingredient into the bloodstream. In fact the OSMO Patch works by simply removing excess fluid and increasing the blood flow at the localised point below where the patch is applied.

This also allows the OSMO Patch to be used in complement with analgesics, NSAIDs and other such treatments if desired (not suitable for open or infected wounds).

Furthermore the OSMO Patch is also ideal for your customers:

  •   Who may have already tried one or more other treatments with little to no benefit.

  •   Who may not be able to take certain medications due to their age or a pre-existing medical condition.

  •   Who simply prefer to try a natural approach to managing and relieving their pain

The OSMO Patch is simply positioned over the affected area prior to going to sleep, where they then go to work removing fluid and stimulating blood flow continually throughout the night while the individual sleeps. The patch is then removed and simply discarded in the morning and the process is repeated as required.

Click this link to learn how the OSMO Patch has helped individuals suffering from both acute and chronic joint conditions as they tell their personal experience from using the OSMO Patch

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Osmo Patches

Osmo Patches