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PIKSTERS Orthodontic Wax Twin Pk


VENDOR: Piksters

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Piksters Orthodontic Wax was developed to protect against irritation, pain and ulceration caused by orthodontic brackets and wires.

Orthodontics brackets and wires can sometimes cause temporary irritation and ulceration of the tongue and or the lips. The oral tissues usually get used to these irritations, but it can take several weeks or even months for this to occur. During this time you may get ulcers.

If you feel an ulcer 'coming on' or if you already have an ulcer, using this was can be extremely helpful by taking away the pain, and allowing ulcers to heal. The basic concept is to apply enough was to the sharp protrusion to cause it to feel blunt. Use as much as it takes. You will need to reapply was after every meal.


  1. Pinch off a piece of wax approximately 8mm long. This is rough guide only. Use as much wax as it takes to eliminate the sharp sensation.
  2. Roll the wax into a ball between your fingers.
  3. Identify the irritating orthodontic bracket or wire, and push the ball of wax over it and pack it around the wire or bracket so that it grips on.
  4. Use your finger to shape the lump of wax so that the surface is relatively flat and feels smooth to your lips and/or tongue.

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PIKSTERS Orthodontic Wax Twin Pk

PIKSTERS Orthodontic Wax Twin Pk