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RENU Fresh Multi-Purpose Duo Pack 355ml + 120ml


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Bausch & Lomb ReNu Multi is the highest selling contact lens solution all over the world. It’s unique and effective Tri-Action formula works 3 ways to keeps the lens clean, sterilized, wet and protein free to provide maximum protection and comfort to the eyes.

Its 3 special ingredients Hydranate, Dymed and Poloxamine have been carefully formulated to keep the lens safe from protein buildup, disinfect the lens by killing bacteria and fungi and keep the lens surface clear and free from harmful environmental agents. Combined together, these effective ingredients keep the eyes thoroughly clean and give a fresh and comfortable feeling to the user.

Meant for both rub and no rub regimes, ReNu Multi has been put together to gently draw on the moisture already present in the eyes to create a cushion between the lens and the eye for maximum protection and comfort.

  • It plays a very important role in keeping eyes healthy that use lenses in daily routine
  • It is specially formulated with carefully selected ingredient Hydrante that prevents protein build up and removes it on daily basis to keep the vision clear
  • It main ingredient Dymed kills the bacteria and fungi with its strong biocidal effect
  • It keeps the lens wet by attracting water molecules to the lens surface and removing the debris from the eyes

A trusted name in the eye and lens care, Bausch & Lomb ReNu Multiplus is a very safe and effective solution that helps to keeps the eyes shining and offers clear vision without any extra care.

This Duo Pack Contains:

  • 1 x 355ml
  • 1 x 120ml
  • 1 x Lens Case


Bausch and Lomb ReNu Multi Tri-Action formula is meant to give longer and lasing comfort to the user and has clinically proved to be safe and effective for eyes. It cleanses, rinses and offers best quality disinfection and protein removal along with safe lens storage for up to 30 days.

A trusted name in the eye and lens care, Bausch & Lomb ReNu Multiplus is a very safe and effective solution that helps to keeps the eyes shining and offers clear


Contains 3 special ingredients: that provides effective cleaning and comfort giving you that fresh lens feeling everyda.
HYDRANATE removes protein Removes proteins that accumulate during wea.
DYMED disinfects Effectively kills micro-organisms (e.g. bacteria and fungi) on your lense.
POLOXAMINE wets lenses Removes dirt and debris that deposit on your lenses (for clearer vision). Enhances wettability.


  • Always read the label. Use only as directed.

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RENU Fresh Multi-Purpose Duo Pack 355ml + 120ml

RENU Fresh Multi-Purpose Duo Pack 355ml + 120ml