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Matakana Pharmacy, founded in 2006, started as a humble village pharmacy servicing the picturesque Matakana region. Over the years we built a stellar reputation as being New Zealand's top boutique pharmacy. Our offerings were carefully curated to showcase New Zealand made ranges in health and beauty, importing exclusive overseas ranges to offer Kiwis some of the best from international markets as well as becoming suppliers of premium ranges never before seen in Pharmacy

Made in New Zealand

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Interested in investing in your health? Follow our carefully curated expose's below as ourspecialist integrative health journalists bring you up to date informationabout health, wellbeing, vitamins, supplements and more.


Worlds #1 Lip Balm
Made in Milan

Putting Our Customers First

Our team work aroundthe clock to carefully hand-pick everything we offer both in-store and online.We aim to only offer the best. Solutions that work. Products that dazzle incomparison with their competition. The best absorbed. The most pure.Sustainably sourced when applicable. Tried and tested. That which is sub-par orinferior will not be part of our offering. We aim to highlight New Zealand madeto help support local production.

Health & Wellbeing Specialists

Our integrativehealth specialists constantly work to help offer the best from both traditionalwestern medical solutions to bespoke prescribed supplement ranges all withclear simple advice on how to best utilise these tools. Our mission now is toduplicate this experience online, to offer customers from around New Zealandand the world the same boutique experience from the comfort of their homes orwithout compromising their busy schedules. We hope you'll stick around, we hopeto continue to impress you from our hand-selected offerings, our amazingcustomer services and our integrative specialist knowledge

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