Flu Vaccine
Getting your flu vaccine is one of the best things you can do to help stay well through the flu season. Flu can be anywhere and is easily spread through talking, coughing and sneezing. Your best protection from the flu is getting the vaccine. Click on the page above to schedule your Flu jab now!*
Prescription Repeats
Enrolled with us? Have repeats on your Prescription medications that are due? You can now order your repeats directly from our website, just click on the link above and we will make sure they are ready for pick-up when you show up wasting no time!
Sildenafil (Viagra) is a prescription medication normally prescribed by your doctor. Pharmacists can prescribe Viagra/Sildenafil to help treat Erectile Dysfunction in males that fulfil certain criteria. Click above to find out more!

Morning After Pill

Accidents happen and pregnancy is a big step and it is ok to not be ready! The Plan B pill is available as a Pharmacist prescribed medication. Click above to find out more.

Naturopath Consults & Prescribing
Our Pharmacists are also trained Natural Health Practitioners. We are accredited and trained to prescribe practitioner only supplements such as Metagenics and Bioceuticals to name a few. Go to our practitioner only products page to explore our range of available pharmacist-prescribed supplements and to complete an FREE online consult.
Weight Management
At Matakana Pharmacy we have access to world leading weight management programmes designed to assist all body types to reach their ideal weight. We personally love all body weights and types but if you are on a fitness journey and have a goal in mind get in touch and one of our team can assist with dietary, nutritional, sports nutrition, fitness plans and supplemental aids to get you to where you want to be!
UTI Antibiotics
If you meet certain criteria, your Pharmacist can give you an antibiotic called Trimethoprim, without a prescription. They’ll ask you a few questions to see if Trimethoprim is appropriate for you or recommend that you visit your doctor. There are also other options designed to help kick UTI's out as efficiently as possible!

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