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Avemar Powder (Sweetened With Fructose) 30sachets

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Avemar is a dietary supplement for cancer patients and it contains Avemar pulvis, the world-wide known fermented wheat germ extract.

Indication: Avemar granulate is recommended for cancer patients to complement their clinical oncological treatments (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy etc.). Avemar can be used in cancer-related cachexia. Avemar granulate may be taken without interruption before, during and after oncological treatments. Avemar granulate may be taken during any stage of malignant disease.

After surgery, Avemar granulate may be initiated when the patient is able to take oral food without complications for at least 4 days.

Side effects: Soft stool, unsettled stomach and nausea are very infrequent side effects of Avemar granulate.

Contraindications: Women who are pregnant or nursing should not consume the product. Avemar is also strictly contraindicated for patients undergoing organ or tissue transplantations. Avemar granulate should not be consumed by patients suffering from malabsorption syndrome (serious impairment of absorption). The product is contraindicated in gluten sensitive enteropathies (celiac sprue) or for patients with hypersensitivity to any of the components or ingredients of the product.

Known interactions: Avemar granulate may be consumed 2 hours before or after taking preparations with vitamin C content. It is recommended to take Avemar and other supplements or drugs at different times.

Use: One box of Avemar granulate contains 30 sachets (each sachet containing 17g of granulate). To consume, mix Avemar with 100-200ml of liquid and stir until the granulate has dissolved. Avemar is flavoured with natural orange flavor and fructose.

Recommended Dosage: For adults with body weight of 90 kgs or less, one sachet is recommended per day. For adults with a body weight greater than 90 kgs, 2 sachets per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

above age 14 between ages 6-13 between ages 2-5
1 sachet (1 normal portion) 3/4 sachet (children-B portion) 1/2 sachet (children-A portion)
below 90 kg body weight: normal portion 1×1 children-B portion 1×1 children-A portion 1×1
above 90 kg body weight : 2×1 (1×1 morning, 1×1 evening)

Children undergoing chemoterapy may take twice of the above amounts, i.e. take 2×1 children-A or children-B portion, resp.

Before use, read the user information in the box!

Important notice: Keep out of reach of children. Must be used under medical supervision. Diabetics may use Avemar granulate counted its carbohydrate content in their daily carbohydrate intake.
Avemar granulate is not suitable for use as the sole source of nourishment. Avemar should not be used parenterally.
In case of examinations in which oral contrast material is used, the instructions of the doctor should be respected.

Storage Requirements: Store in a cool,  dry place, under 22˚C degrees.

For those who have difficulties consuming Avemar granulate, we would recommend the tablet form.

Ingredients: Avemar pulvis 50 % (from this: fermented wheat germ extract solids 63.2%, maltodextrin, anti-caking agent [silicon dioxide]), fructose, natural orange flavour, natrium­ chloride.


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Avemar Powder (Sweetened With Fructose) 30sachets

Avemar Powder (Sweetened With Fructose) 30sachets