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Histame 30caps

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Histamine support

• A vegan formulation for those that suffer from food intolerance complaints

• Calms GI flare-ups so the GI tract can start to naturally rebuild DAO and reduce


• Recommended for adults or children (5 years and older), teenagers and adults

consuming foods rich in histamine

• Many food intolerances are confused

with food allergies and are caused by

elevated levels of histamine in food.

These elevated histamine levels can make

eating foods, such as pizza, fish, wine,

beer and many other foods a miserable

experience. Until now, one of the only

options was to avoid these histaminecontaining


• Histame® has shown to decrease

histamine levels that cause food

intolerance by replenishing the body’s

digestive enzyme Diamine Oxidase

(DAO). This clinically proven dietary

supplement regulates histamine levels in

the body, unlike antihistamines, which

only block the histamine.

• Histame® addresses the root causes

behind food intolerance symptoms.

Symptoms can occur when histamines

flood the GI tract and overwhelms

available DAO, an enzyme that normally

controls histamine levels.

• Delivers enzymes the body lacks to

properly digest certain foods like dairy

and glutens and provides vitamins that

support DAO production.

• Provides other natural ingredients that

support and nourish the mucous wall and

helps prevent “leaky gut”.

Suggested use: For optimal results, 1–2

capsules within 15 minutes of consuming

histamine-rich foods/substances known

to cause food intolerance. Capsule can be

opened for children.


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Histame 30caps