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MegaMucosa 180caps

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Supports a healthy mucosal barrier

• Dairy-free immunoglobulin concentrate, citrus bioflavonoids plus key amino acids

• Supports healthy digestion, neutralises environmental toxins

• Rebuilds protective intestinal barriers

• MegaMucosa™ is the first complete

mucosal support supplement formulated to

REBUILD a healthy mucosal barrier.

• Contains dairy-free immunoglobulins

clinically shown to support a healthy

immune response in the mucosa and a

state-of-the-art flavobiotic clinically shown

to support microbial diversity and alleviate

barrier dysfunction, otherwise known as

leaky gut.

• The health of the mucosa determines how

the body interacts with antigens; therefore,

the integrity of the intestinal mucosa can

dictate overall immune function.

• The dairy-free immunoglobulin concentrate

supports healthy digestion, neutralizes

environmental toxins, and helps to

REBUILD protective intestinal barriers.

These IgG antibodies can reduce the

damage of metabolic endotoxemia and

neutralise LPS, an endotoxin that triggers

mucosal activation.

• Contains four key amino acids that play

an important role in the production of

intestinal mucosa, have shown to increase

mucin2 production and stimulate mucin

synthesis in the colon, resulting in a thicker

and healthier mucosal barrier.

• MicrobiomeX® is a natural citrus extract

rich in polyphenols that supports digestive

health and immunity by increasing

microbial diversity in the gut and improving

gut barrier function.

• MegaMucosa™ is recommended as part

of Microbiome Labs Total Gut Restoration


Suggested use: Start slowly with ½ scoop

daily for 1 week, then increase to 1 scoop

daily. Take with or without food. Mix into a

large glass of cold water (473ml) or liquid of

your choice.


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MegaMucosa 180caps

MegaMucosa 180caps