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MegaPre 180caps

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A Precision Prebiotic™ supplement

• Clinically tested, non-digestible oligosaccharides that can increase microbial diversity

• Selectively feed beneficial bacteria like Akkermansia muciniphila, Faecalibacterium

prausnitzii and Bifidobacteria

• MegaPre™ reinforces the beneficial microbial changes created by MegaSporeBiotic™ to

promote a strong and diverse microbiome

• Previously called MegaPrebioticpowder,

the formulation is now also available in

convenient capsules (6 caps = 1 scoop of

powder). Both contain oligosaccharides

derived from non-GMO green and gold

kiwi fruit, non-GMO corn cob and rBSTfree

cow’s milk.

• Prebiotics feed the gut bacteria, however,

most prebiotics on the market can feed

both harmful and beneficial gut bacteria,

which can exacerbate digestive issues.

• Keystone bacteria like Faecalibacterium

prausnitzii and Bifidobacteria are very

important for human health, but their

populations can be easily diminished by

antibiotics, stress, diet, glyphosate and

other environmental toxins.

• Studies have shown that a more diverse

gut microbiome is associated with a

stronger immune system and a decreased

risk for chronic illness.

• MegaPre™ is recommended as part of

Microbiome Labs Total Gut Restoration


Suggested use:

Powder: Start with ½ scoop daily with or

without food for 1 week, then increase to

1 scoop daily. Mix into 473ml of cold water

or liquid of your choice.

Capsules: Start with 3 capsules daily with or

without a meal for 1 week, then increase to

6 capsules daily.


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MegaPre 180caps