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Moviprep Laxitive Powder Sachet 4pk


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MoviPrep Sachets (Single Treatment)
For bowel cleansing prior to any clinical procedure requiring a clean bowel, e.g., bowel endoscopy, lower gastrointestinal tract radiology or digestive tract surgery.
Active Ingredients:
Sachet A contains the following active ingredients:
Macrogol 3350 100 g
Sodium sulfate anhydrous 7.500 g
Sodium chloride 2.691 g
Potassium chloride 1.015 g
Sachet B contains the following active ingredients:
Ascorbic acid 4.700 g
Sodium ascorbate 5.900 g
The concentration of electrolyte ions when both sachets are made up to one litre of
solution is as follows:
Sodium 181.6 mmol/l (of which not more than 56.2 mmol isabsorbable)
Sulfate 52.8 mmol/l
Chloride 59.8 mmol/l
Potassium 14.2 mmol/l
Ascorbate 29.8 mmol/l


Adults & Elderly
A course of treatment consists of two litres of MoviPrep
Disolve the contents of one sachet A and one sachet B  with one litre of water and then drink it over one to two hours. Repeat with the second sachet A and the second sachet B  into a second litre of water. The solution may be stored for up to 24 hours at room temperature (Below 25°C) or in the fridge. Also, separately drink a litre of clear liquid.
Read the pack leaflet for full usage instructions.


  • Not to be used in Pregnancy or Lactation
  • For people who are 18 Years or older
  • Only to be used if prescribed by your Doctor or Surgeon.


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Moviprep Laxitive Powder Sachet 4pk

Moviprep Laxitive Powder Sachet 4pk