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MycoPul 30caps

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Exceptionally pure, vigorous mycotoxin binder

• Employs targeted binders to remove toxins produced by mould

• Contains superior binders including humic/fulvic powder and zeolite

• The well-researched ingredients bind to the most prevalent mycotoxins

• Because each mycotoxin is unique and

responds differently, this proprietary

MycoPlex™ blend is formulated with

multiple binders to remove specific toxins

from the GI tract. Increased binding

capacity reduces reabsorption. Binds

environmental toxins; herbicides and



• MycoPlex™ Binder Complex: a 70%

humic and fulvic powder blend with trace

minerals (compared to 30% humic acids

found in most generic humic powders).

Derived from unique peat bog in Europe

known for its low amount of environmental

contamination and high potency.

Humic and fulvic are general binders

for mycotoxins and used specifically for

Aflatoxins from Aspergillus in food.


• Activated charcoal: supports removal of

Ochratoxins, Aflatoxins, Trichothecenes

and Zearalenone.


• G-PUR®: a unique form of zeolite that

is quality controlled and put through

a patented purification process to

remove heavy metals and contaminants

it may have bound to in the soil. This

clinoptilolite form is stable and has a high

ion exchange capacity allowing it to bind

more mycotoxins and heavy metals in the

GI tract than other zeolite forms. It has a

high affinity for binding ammonia which

promotes healthy glial, liver and kidney



• Microchitosan (from snow crab): can

support healthy removal of fungus

from the body and supports removal of

Ochratoxin and heavy metals.


• Silica (from bamboo extract): aids

aluminium removal from the body

and is essential for brain health.


• MycoPul® can be used as a standalone

product, or as part of a more robust detox

protocol e.g., combining it with other

Researched Nutritionals® products such as

Tri-Fortify® and ToxinPul™.


Suggested use: 1 capsule once daily on an

empty stomach (at least 1 hour before or

2 hours after eating). It is recommended to

take a multi-mineral product at the opposite

time of day while using MycoPul® to

replenish beneficial minerals lost during the

binding process.


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MycoPul 30caps