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Neo 40 Daily 30tabs

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Supports the body naturally to increase its Nitric Oxide levels.

• Supports healthy blood pressure and overall arterial health

• Supports normal triglyceride levels

• Enhances healthy circulation

• Improves exercise endurance and performance

• Neo40® Daily is a breakthrough, patented

formula proven to help the body restore

Nitric Oxide (N-O) levels naturally, thus

supporting healthy blood pressure and

overall cardiovascular health.

• It’s an effective synergistic blend of Beet

root, Hawthorn berry extract and other

Nitric Oxide-active botanicals, in a greattasting,

fast-melt lozenge. As the lozenge

dissolves on your tongue, Nitric Oxide is

produced almost instantly.

• Neo40® Daily is based on the work of

renowned Nitric Oxide researcher

Dr. Nathan Bryan from the University of

Texas. His ongoing research on the effects

of nitric oxide on circulation and health

inspired the formulation of Neo40® Daily.

• Nitric Oxide (N-O) helps to relax the

arteries and improve blood circulation,

thus regulating healthy blood pressure and

increasing nutrient and oxygen delivery to

every system, organ and tissue in the body.

• Regulates blood flow to the cells and

ensure nutrient absorption; it also provides

immune support.

• Twelve years of pre-clinical testing and

recently published human clinical trials

formed the basis of Neo40® Daily. In

double-blind, placebo-controlled studies,

Neo40® Daily has been statistically

evaluated and demonstrated to

dramatically increase Nitric Oxide levels in

adults over 40.

• Neo40® Daily is more effective than

L-Arginine for many people, studies

show that if you are over 40 or have

compromised endothelial function,

L-Arginine is unlikely to work for you.

Neo40® Daily works through different

pathways that research indicates increases

N-O more efficiently than L-Arginine.

Suggested use: Use Neo40® Daily on an

empty stomach. Dissolve 1 tablet completely

on your tongue before swallowing. (Do not

swallow the tablet whole or place under

your tongue.) HumanN recommend using

patent-pending Nitric Oxide Indicator

Strips™ to monitor your nitric oxide levels

and understand your nitric oxide restoration

dosing needs.


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Neo 40 Daily 30tabs

Neo 40 Daily 30tabs