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OPTIFAST VLCD Shake Mocha 12x53g


VENDOR: Nestle

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  • Optifast NZ Shakes are a low calorie meal replacement that will help you lose weight fast. Each Sachet contains 85 calories per serving which is a great aid if you have started your weight loss journey. Optifast will help you see a big different in your weight loss in 4 weeks. Besides these shakes, the Optifast range offers you desserts, soups and bars which add variety to your Optifast diet. The Optifast Diet works by keeping your calories under 800 calories a day. This means your body has to draw on your own fat stores instead of getting calories from food.
  • This great tasting shake is a satisfying and easy to prepare product in the Optifast range.
  • The Optifast shakes are a part of a nutritionally complete, very low calorie diet program.
  • They can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner, are high in protein and taste delicious.
  • The Optifast Shakes Assorted Pack is a great way to try out the variety of flavours in the Optifast Shakes range. This assorted pack has 2 sachets each of Chocolate, Coffee Flavour, Strawberry Flavour and Vanilla Flavour Shakes, and 1 sachet each of Banana Flavour and Caramel Flavour.
  • Great source of fibre.
  • Gluten Free.


Add one sachet of Optifast shakes to 200-250ml of cold or warm water. Stir, blend or shake to dissolve. Do not use boiling water. All prepared product should be tightly covered and consumed within 6 hours at room temperature and 24 hours if refrigerated.

Very Low Energy Diet: For Intense level of the Optifast Programme, replace all meals with three Optifast products per day. Additionally, consume a minimum of calorie-free fluid and at least two cups of low starch vegetables with one teaspoon of vegetable oil per day. A programme of regular exercise enhances well-being and the likelihood of success.


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OPTIFAST VLCD Shake Mocha 12x53g

OPTIFAST VLCD Shake Mocha 12x53g