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ToxinPul 90caps

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Specifically targets glyphosate, heavy metals and aluminium

• Comprehensive, multi-function binder

• Supports essential detoxification organs and pathways

• Multiple systemic and GI tract binders provide full-spectrum support

• In our day-to-day lives, exposure to

environmental toxins such as herbicides

(including glyphosate), pesticides, and

heavy metals has rapidly increased. While

the body has developed an efficient

process of removing these toxins, the

increased exposure rate undoubtedly puts

undue stress on our natural detox systems.

• Toxins contain dangerous free radicals

that cause oxidative stress, resulting in

increased inflammation, reduced immune

function and damage to mitochondrial

function. Removing these toxins while

supporting the natural detoxification

process is critical to supporting patient

health. Vitamin C for antioxidant support is

an integral part of the formulation.

• Utilising multiple mechanisms of action,

ToxinPul™ binds toxins and metals in

the GI tract and systemically throughout

the body while supporting the healthy

function of the critical detoxification

pathways and organs such as the liver and

the kidneys e.g., supports bile flow for

healthy toxin removal.

• ToxinPul™ consists of clinically researched

ingredients, each with a specific

role in promoting the body’s healthy

detoxification of herbicides and metals.

• Particular forms and sources of ingredients

were chosen for their exceptional purity

and efficacy, such as Quercefit®, a unique

form of quercetin that is 20x more

absorbable than standard quercetin, as

well as H-Pure™, a superior premium

humic acid known for its purity and

concentration (contains 70% humic acid

vs. the 30% found in most standard humic


• ToxinPul™ may be used as a stand-alone

product or in conjunction with other

formulas to develop a more robust

detoxification protocol e.g., glyphosate

and/or heavy metal detox.

Suggested use: 3 capsules once daily on an

empty stomach (at least 1 hour before or

2 hours after eating). It is recommended to

take a multi-mineral product at the opposite

time of day while using ToxinPul™ to

replenish beneficial minerals lost during the

binding process.


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ToxinPul 90caps