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Critical Digestion 90caps

VENDOR: Enzyme Science

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High potency and comprehensive vegetarian digestive enzyme

• Thera-blend™ enzymes ensure digestion of all food groups throughout the entire gut

• Contains ATPro™ Blend and eight probiotics

• Critical support for digestion and intestinal well-being

• Provides support to anyone with an acute or chronic health condition to reduce the

impact digestion has on overall energy reserves

• Enzyme supplementation works with our

digestive system to lessen symptoms

associated with impaired digestion.

• A high potency formula comprised

of digestive enzymes, probiotics and

nutraceuticals to support a healthy

intestinal environment.

• Enzymes are the most effective tools

made by the body to aid digestion and

metabolism. They turn the food we eat into

energy (ATP) and unlock this energy for

use in the body. When we fail to properly

break down foods, the digestive process

is disrupted. When there is an insufficient

quantity of digestive enzymes present in

the body, undigested food may pass into

the large intestine and be acted upon by

intestinal flora. The resulting reaction

produces gas and inflammatory responses

which may damage gut integrity.

• Enzyme supplementation encourages

healthy digestion of proteins, fats,

fibres and carbohydrates, in addition to

promoting an optimally functional Gl tract.

• Probiotics support regularity, aid the

immune system, produce digestive

enzymes and manufacture essential

vitamins such as B and K. These probiotics

survive stomach acid and activate in the

small intestine. Guaranteed potency at

room temperature.

• Adenosine triphosphate, ATP, is the body’s

natural source of energy and a primary

signalling molecule for healthy cellular

processes. Gives the digestive tract more

energy to break down and digest foods.

Suggested use: 1 capsule per meal (first bite

of food).


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Critical Digestion 90caps

Critical Digestion 90caps